Melissa Stephen, Intern



University of Michigan

Year Graduated

Expected Graduation 2023

License and State

Meet Melissa Stephen, Intern

Melissa is committed to establishing trusting and meaningful relationships as a vehicle for inspired change. She believes humans are hardwired for connection. Melissa purposefully creates a comfortable and safe environment where people can feel seen, heard, validated, and empowered to explore therapeutic goals. As an intern, Melissa aims to work with adult clients with chronic pain, disabilities, neurodiversity, and eating disorders. As a student, her academic research includes an investigation of maladaptive coping techniques for alleviating chronic pain. She is profoundly interested in addressing the gap in supporting people from a therapeutic approach that recognizes food as addictive. Lastly, Melissa enjoys playful alliteration and invites you to join her in seeking clarity by courageously connecting through curiosity, creativity, and compassion.