Samantha Brooks, Intern



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Meet Samantha Brooks, Intern

Samantha has always been an advocate for mental health and is passionate about others well-being and their wellness. She takes pride in her ability to help others navigate their journey in a nonjudgmental environment. Samantha is here to support her clients and help them navigate anything they need, desire, or want to overcome. Her theoretical orientation derives from the humanistic approach and is on person-centered therapy also known as client-centered therapy. Samantha believes in fostering the session to be focused solely on the client. Samantha as your therapist is here to accept clients as they are, and she will support them in a way that helps them discover solutions that are best suited for them. Samantha is a compassionate, non-judgmental facilitator, who will acknowledge her client’s feelings and experiences as she helps them along their journey. Samantha will also utilize CBT, where she will emphasize the idea of changing negative and irrational thoughts and feelings into positive and healthy thoughts to maximize wellness and reality. Samantha will also utilize mindfulness-based approaches to cultivate mindfulness and incorporate its practice into daily life. Additional techniques she uses are ACT, Art therapy, Attachment theory, DBT, Exposure therapy, and the Gottman method. Regardless of any theoretical orientation she utilizes, Samantha will be sure they are best tailored to the client.

Samantha works with adults and children and her specialties include depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, self-esteem, ADHD, learning disorders, grief, relationship issues and marital issues. Samantha believes in taking a collaborative approach to helping clients reach their goals. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation with me, please send an appointment request.