Lyon Counseling Center offers treatment that is effective, confidential, and individualized to meet your needs. We strive to empower individuals, families, and groups to achieve health and wellness through the therapeutic work done with our experienced counselors. Through a collaborative process, we help you to develop strategies to overcome obstacles and personal challenges. Our offices are designed to provide a space that is safe, warm, and non-judgmental.

Our Services

Lyon Counseling Center offers safe, effective and professional mental health services. We have a team of therapists ready to support people of all ages and stages of development. Our therapists are trained in a wide variety of evidenced based practices with specialization in a number of areas.


Child & Adolescent


As children grow and develop certain thoughts and behaviors emerge. As the enter the teen years, it can be hard to know if ...

Marriage &


The family unit is a system - pull the sting on one side and it affects all other parts. If one member of the family is...



When children and teens struggle, there are parents behind them that would give the world to make things better. This...

Individual Counseling

Working as a collaborative team, you and your therapist will define what problems keep you from living the...



It can be difficult for a person to know when substance abuse has become problematic. People drink and use...

Telehealth Services

Lyon Counseling Center offers remote telehealth services for situations that may prevent an in-person therapy session...


Ready to find out more?

Our phone intake gives a chance for the therapist and you to speak and begin to establish rapport. You can give a brief description of why you are reaching out and what help you need. The therapist can offer information about the practice and insurance and/or payment. An initial session can then be scheduled at which a more in-depth assessment of the presenting issues would be completed.