Our Services


Working as a collaborative team, you and your therapist will define what problems keep you from living the life you want to live, come up with solutions and talk about the person you want to become. Our therapists take an eclectic approach to therapy. Therapy is tailored to meet the individual need of the client. Our therapists are specialized in a full range of concerns that bring individuals to therapy, which allows us to fun the best fit for each person seeking services.

Child and Adolescent

As children grow and develop, certain thoughts and behaviors emerge. It can often be difficult to know if these thoughts and behaviors are normal development or signs of something askew.


It can be quite concerning if your child struggles with academic issues, emotional or behavioral issues, or loneliness. You may notice changes in behavior, concentration, personality, or decision making. Maybe your child is acting out at home and school. Maybe your child talks of feeling depressed or anxious. These behaviors, thoughts and feelings may be impacting the family unit in substantial ways.

Parenting Support

We recognize that parents sometimes need external support whether or not they or their child(ren) have a mental health diagnosis. Being a parent is incredibly challenging. It can  be difficult to create structure, consistency and set boundaries. Our clinicians have specialized training in parent management and can help you strengthen your skills and confidence.

Marriage and Family

The family unit is a system — pull the string on one side and it affects all other parts. If one member of the family is struggling,  it can significantly alter the system. Members can be affected by many things – divorce, blending families, marriage, co-parenting, mental health concerns, and substance abuse just to name a few. This can lead to high levels of stress and anxiety.

Substance Use

It can be difficult for a person to know when substance abuse has become problematic. People drink and use substances to have fun and unwind. But, substances can also be used to deal with emotional pain.


If this type of use continues over time, people may become dependent. Substance abuse and addiction are serious issues that need to be dealt with immediately because the condition will continue to worsen over time and can lead to serious legal issues, family issues, and even premature death.


Lyon Counseling Center offers remote telehealth services for situations that may prevent an in-person therapy session.

First Responders

Lyon Counseling Center has partnered with local agencies and departments to provide quality trauma informed care to first responders and their families.

Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is available for LLMSWs and LLPCs seeking to obtain a full license or a clinician looking to strengthen clinical skills. Individual and group options are available. Please contact our office for more information.

Presentations and Community Outreach

Lyon Counseling Center is an active community member committed to supporting, strengthening and empowering our area. If you are interested in having us out to your business to discuss mental health and wellness, our involvement with a community group, or event sponsorship, please contact our office.