Child and Adolescent

Child and Adolescent

As children grow and develop, certain thoughts and behaviors emerge. As parents in can feel confusing or concerning when we wonder if something i developmentally appropriate or a sign that our child is struggling.

As a parent, you may see uour child struggling with academic issues, emotional or behavioral issues, or loneliness. You may notice changes in behavior, concentration, personality, or decision making. Your child may be acting out at home or at school or disclosing that they feel down, depressed or anxious. These behaviors, thoughts and feelings may be impacting the family unit in substantial ways.

Stressors that children and adolescents feel can be uniquely difficult because of the major human development occurring during this time. Consultation and therapy services can help the parents and their children sort through these issues, determine if more serious problems are present, and develop a sound plan to process the stress, and stress reactions, in a healthy way.

The therapists at Lyon Counseling Center offer their knowledge, experience, and expertise to help families with these concerns.

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