Storm Trooper Stephen



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Meet Storm Trooper Stephen

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

a rescue pup was looking for a new hope. The Force was strong with this one so he was assigned the mission of connecting and bringing joy to humans. The pup is ranked as a StormTrooper — known for obedience, intelligence, and friendly demeanor. The most loyal and trustworthy confidant, Trooper is distinguishable by his 4-white-tip paws (socks) and white-tip curly tail.

Have you ever seen a Storm Trooper sploot?! You’ve gotta see this—it means he lays like a ‘frog dog’ with hips out, back, and flat. Trooper’s love languages are quality time, touch, and gifts—AKA treats. There’s a treat jar at the door or join him on the floor for belly rubs and snoot boops. Say the words ‘Pew Pew’ from Star Wars and you’ll be met with a head tilt (pictured). Trooper really is a trooper and takes pleasure in being a working dog that spreads a new hope to all on his quest for connection.

Tail wags and May The Force be with you!

Trooper, CGC, CGUC, CGAC